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Big News... from Karen Hewitt at Learning Materials Workshop

Brinca Dada, a wonderful toy company based in Seattle, Washington, will be producing and selling seven of my award-winning toys under a licensing agreement (see: products). My other designs may be licensed in the near future or will become part of history - even "collector's items."

I will continue to distribute Reggio Children Publications through my web site. As a free lance designer and consultant, I plan to create new open-ended toys, present workshops for teachers, and follow my passion and commitment as an advocate for the importance of play and creativity in the lives of young children. (more)

Please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share. Karen Hewitt

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Karen Hewitt

Constructing Knowledge

The impulse to construct, to take apart and to build again is universal among young children and continues throughout our lifetime. Learning Materials Workshop supports this active approach to learning with a series of high-quality block sets that invite children and builders of all ages to explore, to invent, to represent, to design, and to test their theories about the physical and social world and the world of their imagination. Playing, learning, and creating are lifelong pursuits.